Our clients vis-à-vis COVID-19

In these times “we focus our efforts on business sustainability” (Cartronic).


Cartronic entered the market with a medical patient monitoring device that quickly made its mark on the healthcare-technology scene. They are now tackling Covid-19 with a focus on “ensuring the well-being and safety of their staff”.

“The pandemic has undoubtedly brought about a change in lifestyle, forcing us to rethink the way we work and focus all our efforts on business sustainability,” the company’s marketing director, Jose Manuel Fernandez Cobo, told Episkey Medical.

In this context, the company has decided not to participate in any face-to-face meetings. It has encouraged virtual events, both training and presentation, and live product demonstrations through platforms such as Webinars.

“One of the main challenges was the communication between the whole team,” explains Fernández Cobo. To this end, like so many other companies, they got used to video calls. Work management was another challenge: “schemes were generated to follow up on tasks and projects, supporting the different areas and seeking compliance with the planned delivery dates”.

Medical devices to fight COVID-19

Cartronic has been working for two years supporting the development of remote patient monitoring and control solutions and systems. Given the current socio-health situation, Cartronic has further validated the commitment to this type of solutions that help the quality of life of patients.

Cartronic plans today to continue adapting to the times by focusing its efforts on the supply of vital signs devices, EPIS and TEST COVID-19. To this end, EpisKey Medical Consulting has helped Cartronic to obtain authorisation from the AEMPS for the importation of medical devices and is currently a distributor of TEST COVID-19.

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