Interview with our CEO at IPSalud

The new issue of the magazine of the professional institute for health studies (IPSalud) includes an interview with our CEO in which she explains all the ins and outs of the regulations related to medical products.

The basic principles of our work at EpisKey Medical Consulting are explained very clearly: What is a medical product, what types of medical products are there and why they need to comply with specific regulations. In this way readers can understand that EpisKey Medical Consulting’s work involves helping medical device manufacturers to comply with the regulations they need to bring their product to market.

He also explains how necessary it is to have all the documentation in order as, in the coming months, new regulations will come into force and you will have to adapt to them. Although it will be a lot of work for many companies, it is necessary to keep up to date to ensure continuity of the product.

In this regard, Isabel also talks about the great misinformation found among manufacturers and how EpisKey Medical Consulting does everything possible to inform and train manufacturers and distributors, especially SMEs and startups. These companies often present very innovative products, which are strongly based on scientific and technological research and which are in danger of not being marketed because they do not know how to deal with the required technical documentation. At EpisKey Medical Consulting we help your products to meet the requirements without any problems.

You can watch the whole interview below

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