Global organisations release resources to fight pandemic

In times of Covid-19, several scientific bodies make their resources available free of charge or at very low prices to the general and/or specialised public.

From Episkey we have prepared a compilation of the most important tools in our sector that are now available free of charge. We also showcase international educational institutions that have opened their portals and offer articles and research related to the coronavirus.

Remember that we are still working and that we are also at your disposal for any questions or doubts you may have.

ISO Standards

The International Organisation for Standardisation ( publishes on its website a list of standards related to the manufacture of personal protective equipment, respirators, etc. It also makes general standards such as ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 10993:2018 available free of charge. They can be accessed from their website:

The Spanish Agency for Medicinal Products and Health Products (AEMPS)

In addition to regularly updated information on developments in Covid-19 research, the AEMPS makes available to the public a list of news updates including provisions such as:

– the measures taken to facilitate the management of medicines considered essential during the coronavirus crisis

– the measures taken to increase the availability of gels and hydroalcoholic solutions

– measures in relation to surgical masks

– exceptional measures applicable to clinical trials

– assessment status of ventilators undergoing the authorisation process

European Commission

The Commission’s Public Health department continuously updates and publishes information and guidance on the pandemic at this link.


The platform also offers free access to scientific content on Covid-19. In the Research Discovery section you can find journal articles, including the Lancet and Cell Press coronavirus centres, book chapters, Early Stage Research (SSRN republishers) and Drugs Development Resources.

Here are also links to the Novel Coronavirus Information Center and more Scopus resources on coronaviruses. It has also opened access to all textbooks (256 textbooks) on ScienceDirect.


AENORtemporarily offers the possibility of directly downloading the UNE standard using the AENORmásportal.


EBSCO,a database of scientific information on medicine, physics, chemistry, economics, education and other fields, has also created a portal for updates and information on Covid-19. They seek to meet the demand for authoritative information and include a section of reputable open access resources and other resources here.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press offers free online access to higher education textbooks and coronavirus research. The works include book chapters and relevant articles that will be updated in the future.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters publishers make available the COVID-19 resource centre website. It is about a collection of resources for legal professionals and research staff working in all jurisdictions around the world on the global content of coronaviruses, pandemics and business interruption.

Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library, a collection of clinical trials databases, provides unrestricted and free access in Spain. Specifically on Covid-19. The related company Wiley is also offering the general public free, open-access resources in its Covid-19-related content library. For institutions affected by Covid-19, it is providing free access to its WileyPLUS or Knewton Alta online curricula during this spring semester. Access to the training programme is availableon request.

British Medical Journal

BMJ has set up a page with all the coverage of the coronavirus outbreak in its journals, as well as learning resources. It is free and updated daily: Coronavirus (covid-19): Latest news and resources


McGraw-Hill publishers offer open access COVID-19 Central, within its AccessMedicine platform, which provides information and analysis on public health and clinical medicine aimed at health professionals, students, residents, etc.


EmeraldPublishing has created the portal Coronavirus, the management of epidemics and the wider impact on society, which brings together a range of research resources related to coronavirus and the management and impact of epidemics in general. These resources will be openly available free of charge until the end of 2020.

Index Foundation

Index has created COVIviendo, a new platform with essential health care information to facilitate professional work during the pandemic that includes:

Clinical narratives of professionals

Nursing scientific articles that are being published at international level

Protocols and clinical guidelines produced by public bodies, scientific societies, etc.

Information materials

Scientific associations

Several websites and documentary portals contain information and documentation on the coronavirus. This information is compiled and made public in open access by the publishers of numerous professional and scientific associations that are signatories to the statement Sharing research data and findings relevant to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Many of these organisations are committed to making public not only the articles, but also the research data. They also allow reuse and can be shared on PubMed.


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