EpisKey Medical Consulting is a new partner of Ticbiomed!

One of Episkey Medical Consulting’s main interests is to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of healthcare. We know from our customers that the big breakthroughs are in the field of digital health. To this end, we have become a member of the Ticbiomed association. In this way, we will be able to keep abreast of the projects that are being carried out in digital health.

Ticbiomed is an association that promotes collaborative projects in digital health. It helps to identify opportunities with potential, builds communication channels between partners to find synergies.

For Episkey, membership in this association is very important as it means joining an international network that focuses on identifying challenges and helps select the best suppliers for manufacturers.

We encourage you to visit their website and, if you have a minute, to read their manifesto in which they explain, in 10 points, the principles that motivate them. They believe, as we do, that digital health is the natural evolution of a better healthcare system; that this improvement can only be achieved through the talent of people and that technology is there to help achieve a better healthcare environment. They do this by promoting collaboration and building bridges between needs and solutions. They share with EpisKey Medical Consulting the interest in companies that invest in improving prevention and health care and we want to help improve the quality of life of patients as well as the daily work of health professionals.

We hope that Episkey Medical Consulting can do its bit to help all the companies that share the principles of Ticbiomed and we are therefore delighted to join their project as partners.

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