Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science

This week we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which takes place every year on 11 February. Scientific papers, medical devices, advances in robotics, astronomy or molecular genetics increasingly owe their progress to thousands of dedicated women.

These ‘new women scientists’ are now pursuing careers in what were once almost exclusively male disciplines.

Times are changing and more and more professionals are working in many fields. In this context, science is honoured to have several mixed teams among its ranks. That is why every 11 February has for decades celebrated the presence of women and the growing interest of girls.

This year, in Spain alone, 261 activities are planned over two weeks to pay tribute to women scientists. Hundreds of small actions are being carried out in universities, schools, cultural institutions or research centres.

In our sector, a number of actions have also been launched, such as that of the Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios, which has published an infographic with the history of five women who stood out in the development of medicines, or that of the Official College of Pharmacists, which is holding a photographic and biographical exhibition on pioneering women pharmacists.

We would like to congratulate all women scientists and girls who dream of becoming one, and encourage you to come and participate in some of the activities taking place in your city.

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