EpisKey Medical Consulting celebrates International Women’s Day

This blog is about our clients’ doubts, concerns and achievements, but let’s take a look at ourselves for a moment. At EpisKey Medical Consulting we work to help our clients achieve their objectives for their medical devices. Today, on International Women’s Day, we want to work on one of our own: breaking the stereotypes associated with women and helping to break the glass ceiling.

We believe that our company sends a very important message and this photo bears witness to that.

Women 8M

Women’s day is celebrated at EpisKey

We encourage all like-minded manufacturers to collaborate and build something together. Because often, in addition to achieving a goal, it is important to know with whom you are achieving it and to support each other.

We congratulate all the women who work with us and who push the glass ceiling every day, whether they are general managers, technical managers, quality managers, technical managers, project managers, software developers, engineers, biotechnologists, doctors.

Congratulations to all of you!


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