Our client V-Vision achieves European recognition for Dicopt, its technology for children’s lazy eyes

Dicopt is the virtual reality technology for the treatment of lazy eye in children devised by our client V-Vision. The good news is that it has just been recognised as a registered medical device by the AEMPS.

V-Vision, our client since March 2020, is the Spanish technology startup that developed Dicopt. This digital solution makes it possible to treat cases of lazy eye in children through Virtual Reality.

After months of work with the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency AEMPS, and with EpisKey Medical Consulting, Dicopt has obtained the Medical Device licence and the CE marking, which guarantees that they comply with the current European regulations in order to be marketed.

Every year 15,000 children in Spain are diagnosed with lazy eye, whose only treatment until now consisted of wearing a patch for a year and a half with a medical consultation every three months.

Dicopt, a fun and effective technology

However, thanks to Dicopt’s technology, the use of the patch is greatly reduced as their therapy focuses on playing virtual reality video games, which reduces recovery time and increases patient engagement.

One of the main problems encountered by ophthalmologists in following up the treatment was that, due to patients’ failure to adhere to the agreed time of patch use, the therapy failed.

Dicopt achieves very positive results in the recovery of binocular vision in children. His method is based on stimulating both eyes to work together with very dynamic, entertaining and challenging games designed to increase the difficulty. In this way, the lazy eye is increasingly reinforced and children see achievement as a reward, which increases their commitment to therapy.

“Dicopt was created in response to the real needs of many ophthalmologists we have spoken to: the possibility of individualised remote monitoring in real time”, says CEO, Rafael Izquierdo.

A commitment by all

“As we work to help children, the role of parents is vital. Thanks to Dicopt, you will be able to see your child’s progress on a regular basis. Both specialists and parents now have a reliable source of information to evaluate the performance of the therapy,” Izquierdo adds.

Clinical trials are currently underway at a large public research centre. This will complement existing scientific publications with similar devices.

Dicopt does not require a large outlay to start using it. Once the licence is purchased, the equipment required is a mobile viewer, a game controller and a smartphone.


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